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2204, 2016

Approaches to Indexing Scanned Documents

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Approaches to Indexing Scanned Documents
When your company has a great deal of paper that it needs to convert into electronic form, one problem that often rears its head is how to properly index the documents so they end up in the right place (network folder, repository location, etc.).  Luckily, there are many different options available […]

2207, 2015


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實驗室裡,文件庫就是「寶庫」 我跟你比誰都更明白,不論是Log Book,Critical Communication Letter,Record Document,Survey Form還是Report Document都是實驗室的「瑰寶」。而實驗室文件庫就如同「寶庫」一樣替你好好保存這些文件。