2204, 2016

Approaches to Indexing Scanned Documents

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Approaches to Indexing Scanned Documents

When your company has a great deal of paper that it needs to convert into electronic form, one problem that often rears its head is how to properly index the documents so they end up in the right place (network folder, repository location, etc.).  Luckily, there are many different options available […]

2206, 2015


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你獻出了10吋時和分,可有換到10吋金? 教材是重要的工具,其內容直接影響教學質素,老師們需投放很多時間到教材準備也是無可厚非。但在準備過程中,若過份花費時間於輸入和校對工作而不是內容設計,這不但無法提升教學質素,還會降低效率,浪費老師的價值和時間。 從古到今,老師在社會上都擔當極具價值的角色-作育英才,不應把時間浪費在「搬字過紙」的準備工作上。